Monday, December 26, 2011

What's Up ?!

 About to leave for dinner with an old friend
 New favorite coffee place (:
 Christmas tree in my room
 Christmas tree in the living room
 Ornament with everyone in my families names
 EHH Starbucks.
 Girl's night out with my two best friends
 I don't even know lol.
Dinner with some friends
 Drunk with some friends lol.
Anthony's (the boyfriend) family xmas eve party
 Anthony&I <3

Hi again!! Sorry for the lack of post been super busy lately&I honestly haven't had the time to do anything :/ So I decided to post an overload of pictures of what's been up in my life the past couple of weeks. I hope everyone's had an amazing Christmas&continues to have a good break, cause I definitely have (: Look forward for a new post soooooooon lol, especially with the new year around the corner i'll be making "posting on blog more often" as part of my New Year's resolution!! Have a good one!!!


Monday, December 5, 2011

coffee&a chunky knit.

(Diane's Chunky Knit-Vintage Chambray Button-Up-Nordstorm BP Junior's Black Denim-Target Oxfords)

Hiii again (: This week is full of finals for me&I'm superrr stressed lol. You see I haven't been doing soo hot this semester cause i'm lazy, period. And now I'm struggling...whats new lol :/ EHH I am definitely ready for the break/new year/spring semester just so I can "start a new leaf." Today's weather wasn't soo bad&I've had this outfit in my head for a while now, what do ya thinkk ?! After my exam review for my math class I headed to Diane's house for a day of xmas shopping, very productive day if I don't say so myself.......
There's just something about coffee&wearing a chunky knit that makes me love the fall season soo much more (: Have a good one !!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

bye bye wisdom teeth....

(Forever21 Cardi, Denim Jacket&Ankle Boots-H&M Infinity Scarf-Target Mossimo Shorts-Hanes Sheer Tights)

Hi again!! Soooo guess which girl decided to schedule her wisdom teeth to be taken out the day before Thanksgiving.....this girl right here!! ....Dumb I know but I needed it done asap&the earliest break I had was Thanksgiving break lol. It was crazy how nervous I was too, jus the thought of being knocked out was weird to me haha. I don't feel that bad like I thought it would, it jus sucks cause I love to eat haha and I can't :/ I ended up wearing this outfit yesterday when the weather was sunny &only 69 degrees out the middle of....NOVEMBER?!?! Makes no sense lol its supposed to be fall!! Crazy thing is that when it does actually get cold out I'll complain how my meatless ass is going to be hella cold haa. Oh I hope the photos are better than yesterday lol&Idk why but I like it when photos come out blurry haa hence the last one.....Anyways I hope everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving, weather it be with family or friends as long as your surrounded with people that care for you&make you happy (:


Strips&Snakeskin ?!

(Billabong White Peacoat-Forever21 Striped Boat Neck Sweater-Nordstorm BP Black Denim-Gifted Snakeskin Flats)

Hi again (: Sooooo its been whilee lol. I've been superrrr busy&sadly sick :/ Its been like 3ish weeks of being sick, I went from being slightly sick to really sick!! It only got worst because I should of went to the doctor early, but nopee I thought I could get better on my own with jus Nyquil&tons of tea....SIKE. I eventually went to the doctor who prescribed me LEGIT medicine lol. And of course within jus 2 days I got better for thinking I could do it on my own haa. I talk to much. Anyways this is what I wore yesterday when I woke up terribly late for my class haa jus kinda threw this together last minute....say what you want but I personally like the mix of the stripes&snakeskin. Soowwwee for the crappy background&photos, I need to take my photos earlier in the day so I can take them outside with better lighting&backgrounds...instead of in my garage haha, heyy I'm still learnin'! 


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I call it..glitter in the sky...

Whoa. Talk about picture overload of my nails haha. Hii again (: Sorry for the lack of posts!! I've been a bum everyday&haven't really worn anything worth blogging cause this week has been super busy with school; So I figured I could at least post my recent nail combo that I am loving lol I know. I know. It is kind of bright for a fall look, but I just recently got the Milani glitter nail lacquer that I've been dying to get&I wanted to use it right for the baby/pale blue polish, I borrowed it from my friend Diane the same time so I figured what the hayy! lol I painted the glitter in a descending way to change it up, rather than the plain 'ol painting the entire nail, you liike ?! 


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sunday morning

(Abercrombie&Fitch Anorak-Arden B. Shirt-Target Shorts-Forever21 Ankle Boots-Coach Bag)
Hi again!! So Sunday morning my family&I went to northern Virginia to a couple of malls. I ended up getting a plain gray sweater that I needed for a while now just because I like having basic pieces in my closet, plus it was 50% off so I had definitely had to get it! It was meant to be, yeah?!?! Lol anyways I also got a choker necklace I've had my eye on that I thought would go great with a crisp white button-up, denim shorts with tights, boots&a leather jacket?! I thought the outfit would be perfect for fall. BTW both pieces were from H&M&I wanted to get more but they didn't have the sizes that I needed, oh wellllll lol I need to save money anyways. And don't mind my face in the first photo, it was shot in between shots, but I kind of liked it ?! Haha&you could prolly tell that I almost fell in the fountain in one of the shots too! Its always fun hanging out with my family (:


Sunday, October 16, 2011

wondering the crowded streets...

( H&M Sunglasses-Mom's Knit Sweater-Thrifted Maxi Skirt-Target Riding Boots-Thrifted Bag)

Hi again (: So Friday I had a lovely girl's day out with my dear friend Diane & it was a blast!! The crappy shots above are from the museum & wondering the streets. I needed to go to an art museum for my art history class & I could not have had a better person to come with me, thanks Diane!! lol Anyways after the art museum we decided to frolic around our downtown area where the museum was located since we never hang around there. We even decided to try & find this one restaurant nearby she ate at once, but got lost & failed horribly lol. All & all it was still quite a fun day roaming around. And I'm trying my best with taking better shots, ehh am I getting any better?! lol


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

noobie coming through (:

(Cardigan/Forever21, Leather Jacket/Forever21, Denim/BeBe, Boots/Forever21, Tote/The Sak)

Heyy (: Sooo it has been quite a while, (like 9 months a while ..hehe oops) since I last blogged & I apologize for the lack of commitment I have. I keep telling myself that I'm too busy but no, not anymore!! Anywayss, this is what I wore to class today. We've been having bi-polar weather here in Va, one week its hot & the next week its cold ?! Odd ...but since this week has been a bit nippy its definitely leather jacket weather!! I'm kind of excited that fall is coming of course because of layering clothes, ahh its the best, yeah !?

P.S./ This was my first outfit of the day post so don't mind the weird ass poses & creepy grins haha. I'm not quite use to it but I'll get better!!