Friday, September 14, 2012

Collective Birthday Haul!

 1.) 2B BeBe Top $26.50
2.) 2B BeBe  Top $26.50
3.) Tops..again
4.) BCBG Circle Skirt $19.90
5,6&7,) Mossimo at Target Heels $8.89
8.) Trouve Wedges $65.90 & Aldo Flats $19.99
9&10.) What the wedges looked like on (:
11&12.) My birthday outfit of the day

HIIIII AGAIN!!! Well has it been a while or whaaaatt?! How are are you guys doing!? Good I hopee. My birthday was a couple of weeks ago & I spent it with my amazing family & boyfriend. Its strange how as I get older every birthday that comes just seems like a regular day and not a big deal as it use to be. Mann do I miss ice cream cakes, balloons, and themed birthday parties!! Anyways back to subject, I decided to splurge a little since it was my birthday and all ...ohhh did I splurgee hehe. In my defense I haven't been shopping in what feel like forever. Since I got that shopping itch out of me, its safe to say I won't be shopping for a while since the holidays will come sooner than you know it & my boyfriends birthday is in November as well. Mann ohh mann I should probably pick up more shifts at work lol. Well I hope everyone has an amazing day & weekend, tilllll next tiiiimeeee (:


Monday, February 6, 2012

Chinese New Year's

(H&M Infinity Scarf, Blazer&Heels-Asos Shirt-Forever21 Harem Pants-Vintage Bag)

Hi again!!! Long timee no talk :/ my fault, just been superrrrr busy with my spring semester starting back up&me trying to get back to the daily grind. But this is my late ass post about Chinese/Lunar New Year's. I just went with some old friends (the guys in the first couple of photos) to a festival that happens each year. I sadly didn't take much photos though, so I just posted what I had because I liked my outfit. I hope everybody has a great week ahead of them, tillllll next tiiime! xoxo


Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's been a whilee ...

   (H&M Oatmeal/Cream Top $10 & Cheetah Platforms $29.95) 

Hiiii again (: I know, I know. No outfit post but that is because I didn't bother to look decent today&went for the "bum" look lol (consisting of jeans, gray hoodie, army green anorak&brown booties) . BUT HEY I still posted&that should count for something (: Anywhoooos, I decided to do some retail therapy&stopped into H&M (my faveeee) cause its been the longest time since I've shopped for myself. I have been eyeing these cheetah platforms for the longest time&finally grew the balls to get them lol. Sosososooo excited to put outfits together with them!!! WEEEE! As for the top I liked the way it looked on me because of its flowy-ness&tight sleeves. Anyone else do some shopping recently? Lemme knoww, I love hearing about shopping hauls haha. TIL NEXT TIIIME !



Hiiiii again ^.^ So this is a random post, but it had to be done. I've been seeing Miu Miu shoes all over tumblr&man ohh man are they cute!? I have personally never been THAT attracted to the brand but their shoes are g o r g e o u s !!! Hehe ok goodnight, I will post an OOTD tomorrow pwwoomiisee!


Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hope everyone had a great&safe New Year's (: Here are some New Year's photos from around the world that I found..


Monday, December 26, 2011

What's Up ?!

 About to leave for dinner with an old friend
 New favorite coffee place (:
 Christmas tree in my room
 Christmas tree in the living room
 Ornament with everyone in my families names
 EHH Starbucks.
 Girl's night out with my two best friends
 I don't even know lol.
Dinner with some friends
 Drunk with some friends lol.
Anthony's (the boyfriend) family xmas eve party
 Anthony&I <3

Hi again!! Sorry for the lack of post been super busy lately&I honestly haven't had the time to do anything :/ So I decided to post an overload of pictures of what's been up in my life the past couple of weeks. I hope everyone's had an amazing Christmas&continues to have a good break, cause I definitely have (: Look forward for a new post soooooooon lol, especially with the new year around the corner i'll be making "posting on blog more often" as part of my New Year's resolution!! Have a good one!!!


Monday, December 5, 2011

coffee&a chunky knit.

(Diane's Chunky Knit-Vintage Chambray Button-Up-Nordstorm BP Junior's Black Denim-Target Oxfords)

Hiii again (: This week is full of finals for me&I'm superrr stressed lol. You see I haven't been doing soo hot this semester cause i'm lazy, period. And now I'm struggling...whats new lol :/ EHH I am definitely ready for the break/new year/spring semester just so I can "start a new leaf." Today's weather wasn't soo bad&I've had this outfit in my head for a while now, what do ya thinkk ?! After my exam review for my math class I headed to Diane's house for a day of xmas shopping, very productive day if I don't say so myself.......
There's just something about coffee&wearing a chunky knit that makes me love the fall season soo much more (: Have a good one !!!