Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's been a whilee ...

   (H&M Oatmeal/Cream Top $10 & Cheetah Platforms $29.95) 

Hiiii again (: I know, I know. No outfit post but that is because I didn't bother to look decent today&went for the "bum" look lol (consisting of jeans, gray hoodie, army green anorak&brown booties) . BUT HEY I still posted&that should count for something (: Anywhoooos, I decided to do some retail therapy&stopped into H&M (my faveeee) cause its been the longest time since I've shopped for myself. I have been eyeing these cheetah platforms for the longest time&finally grew the balls to get them lol. Sosososooo excited to put outfits together with them!!! WEEEE! As for the top I liked the way it looked on me because of its flowy-ness&tight sleeves. Anyone else do some shopping recently? Lemme knoww, I love hearing about shopping hauls haha. TIL NEXT TIIIME !



Hiiiii again ^.^ So this is a random post, but it had to be done. I've been seeing Miu Miu shoes all over tumblr&man ohh man are they cute!? I have personally never been THAT attracted to the brand but their shoes are g o r g e o u s !!! Hehe ok goodnight, I will post an OOTD tomorrow pwwoomiisee!


Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hope everyone had a great&safe New Year's (: Here are some New Year's photos from around the world that I found..