Strips&Snakeskin ?!

(Billabong White Peacoat-Forever21 Striped Boat Neck Sweater-Nordstorm BP Black Denim-Gifted Snakeskin Flats)

Hi again (: Sooooo its been whilee lol. I've been superrrr busy&sadly sick :/ Its been like 3ish weeks of being sick, I went from being slightly sick to really sick!! It only got worst because I should of went to the doctor early, but nopee I thought I could get better on my own with jus Nyquil&tons of tea....SIKE. I eventually went to the doctor who prescribed me LEGIT medicine lol. And of course within jus 2 days I got better for thinking I could do it on my own haa. I talk to much. Anyways this is what I wore yesterday when I woke up terribly late for my class haa jus kinda threw this together last minute....say what you want but I personally like the mix of the stripes&snakeskin. Soowwwee for the crappy background&photos, I need to take my photos earlier in the day so I can take them outside with better lighting&backgrounds...instead of in my garage haha, heyy I'm still learnin'! 



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