sunday morning

(Abercrombie&Fitch Anorak-Arden B. Shirt-Target Shorts-Forever21 Ankle Boots-Coach Bag)
Hi again!! So Sunday morning my family&I went to northern Virginia to a couple of malls. I ended up getting a plain gray sweater that I needed for a while now just because I like having basic pieces in my closet, plus it was 50% off so I had definitely had to get it! It was meant to be, yeah?!?! Lol anyways I also got a choker necklace I've had my eye on that I thought would go great with a crisp white button-up, denim shorts with tights, boots&a leather jacket?! I thought the outfit would be perfect for fall. BTW both pieces were from H&M&I wanted to get more but they didn't have the sizes that I needed, oh wellllll lol I need to save money anyways. And don't mind my face in the first photo, it was shot in between shots, but I kind of liked it ?! Haha&you could prolly tell that I almost fell in the fountain in one of the shots too! Its always fun hanging out with my family (:



  1. oo i love your boots.. so sad there's no F21 store here in Macau.....

  2. love this outfit.nice jacket!


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