wondering the crowded streets...

( H&M Sunglasses-Mom's Knit Sweater-Thrifted Maxi Skirt-Target Riding Boots-Thrifted Bag)

Hi again (: So Friday I had a lovely girl's day out with my dear friend Diane & it was a blast!! The crappy shots above are from the museum & wondering the streets. I needed to go to an art museum for my art history class & I could not have had a better person to come with me, thanks Diane!! lol Anyways after the art museum we decided to frolic around our downtown area where the museum was located since we never hang around there. We even decided to try & find this one restaurant nearby she ate at once, but got lost & failed horribly lol. All & all it was still quite a fun day roaming around. And I'm trying my best with taking better shots, ehh am I getting any better?! lol



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